Ancient Reflections

A unique and prestigious decorative surface, with a slight satin finish, vibrant and full of character. The sophisticated and up-market finish of the MURANO shades, explores and updates the atmosphere of the tipically unique palaces of the Venetian Renaissance, embellishing surfaces and spaces using gradations of light and shadow as well as delicate and fascinating nuances.
Each colour has its own story:
CANAL GRANDE reflects the passage of time in a swirl of moods.
CA’ D’ORO reflects the sun in springtime.
TORCELLO delicate in its simplicity and sobriety.
LAGUNA instills the calm of a sky reflected in its waters.
RIALTO looks at the passing of time with the superiority of one who knows he is eternal.
FORNACE ANTICA burning and sensual in the subtle shades of sensational sunset.
Easy to apply, 100% water based, environmentally friendly, odorless and easy to clean.


(Step A) Preparation and application of Fondo Veicot

1 Color FONDO VEICOT matched to the ”MURANO” color of your choice by adding 1 toner (100 ml) in a pack of 2.5 l.
2 Mix thoroughly.
3 Apply one or two coats of the tinted FONDO VEICOT by brush, roller or spray for the full coverage of the surface. Allow to dry for at least 12 hours before applying the finish “MURANO”.

Yield: 8 ÷ 10 sqmt/l.  ( 2.500 ml. ~ 20 sqmt )
Tools cleaning: H2O ~ 30 °C

(Step B) Preparation and application of “MURANO”

4 Apply the product as such, or after adding ½ colored toner into a pack of 2,5 liter and having mixed thoroughly  with a spatula.
5 Dip the spalter brush directly into the product, applying onto the wall with short and criss-cross strokes.
6 After 5-10 minutes, create the final decoration with the flexible spatula. Repeat steps 4 through to 6 until the covering of the wall is complete.

Step A: 2,5 l. Fondo Veicot + 1 Toner 28 - Step B:  2,5 l. Murano Rialto

Step A: 2,5 l. Fondo Veicot + 1 Toner 28 - Step B:  2,5 l. Murano Rialto + 1/2 Toner 38