Gold Stardust

SHARAZADE LUX gives high quality decorative effects.
The skillful metallic effect together with the wide range of possible interpretations achievable by the colors and application techniques guarantee excellent results in the decoration of the room. The surfaces treated with SHARAZADE LUX capture the reflections of light with shades that fade from gold to bronze, giving rooms a strong personality and feeling if refines luxury.
SHARAZADE LUX comes in two versions, “LIGHT” and “PLUS” allowing the opportunity to create our own personalized idea of texture.



SHARAZADE LUX is produced in four base versions: GOLD “LIGHT”, GOLD “PLUS”, “BRONZE “LIGHT”  and BRONZE “PLUS”.
The colours in the shade card are obtained by adding the toner to the desired base as indicated.
The toner is added directly into the SHARAZADE LUX BASE and then the paint should be stirred carefully until completely mixed.

Yield: 6 ÷ 8 sqmt/l.  ( 2.500 ml. ~ 15 sqmt )
 Tools cleaning: H2O ~ 30 °C


Apply SHARAZADE LUX on sound, clean and dry surfaces (allow at least 3-4 weeks before applying on new plaster and any matured patching).Extremely porous surfaces, painted in tempera, smoothing plaster or plasterboard, should received a primer coat of sealer as pre-treatment (ISOFARB ACR-2).

1  Apply 1-2 coats by roller of FONDO VEICOT. 
When the surface is dry, dip the spalter directly into the product and apply on the wall in a random criss-cross pattern avoiding squaring effects.
4  As SHARAZADE LUX begins to dry (3-10 minutes) proceed to rubbing down with the dry spalter, exerting a light pressure, to remove brush scratches. Apply one or two coats depending on the desired final effect.