A pearl of Velvet

Characterized by skilled gradations of pastel colours, the finish MADREPERLA gives any surface the effect of velvet, illuminated by metallic reflections.
This product is able to diffuse the light, animating and dilating the surrounding space.
The gentle touch of MADREPERLA becomes a “must” for all seasons and for all environments.

Product 100% water based, environmentally friendly, odorless, washable and easy to clean.



MADREPERLA is produced in basic colours MADREPERLA BASE SILVER , MADREPERLA BASE GLITTER as well as the color GOLD.
The colours in the shade card are obtained by adding toner to the base SILVER or GLITTER in variable quantities depending on the intensity of the colours sought. Add toner directly to the packaging of MADREPERLA BASE and mix with a spatula until completely blended.
Colours of the “C” series are obtained by adding ½ toner to MADREPERLA BASE SILVER or GLITTER.
Colours of the “A” series are obtained by adding 2 toners to MADREPERLA BASE SILVER or GLITTER.

Yield: 8 ÷ 10 sqmt/l.  ( 2.500 ml. ~ 20 sqmt )
Tools cleaning: H2O ~ 30 °C


MADREPERLA is applied on dry and clean surfaces (new plasters and patches at least 3-4 weeks old) prepared with our fixative water product ISOFARB-ACR2 which is essential for particularly absorbent surfaces, painted with tempera, smoothed plasters or plasterboards, after removal of all loose and defective paints and all parts not perfectly adherent (old plaster, debris and old paint)
1 Apply one or two coats with a roller of FONDO VEICOT.
2-3 When the surface is dry, apply MADREPERLA with a brush without any dilution, using short, criss-cross strokes.
4 When MADREPEELA begins to dry (3-4 minutes) finish with a flexible or stainless steel spatula, inclined at approx. 30°, exerting a slight pressure onto the surface.