Ancient Glazes

SETTEVELI is a waterborne finish of great aesthetic value. The research of colours and shades of “chiaroscuro” nuances, provides of absolute uniqueness and refinement, reaching for excellence as a decorative technique of today .
A light veil that welcomes and envelops in close harmony with warm colors and “chiaroscuro” nuances that change according to the surroundings and the context, giving the effect of warmth that emanates from a variety of fashionable colours.
Different final results can be achieved  depending on the number of coats of paint applied, the base used and the colours chosen. 

SETTEVELI is available in two basis, GOLD and SILVER. The GOLD BASE explores the range of warm colours, while the SILVER BASE allows a decoration based on the main colours trends. 

Product 100% water based, environmentally friendly, odorless, washable and easy to clean.



SETTEVELI is produced in the base colours BASE SILVER and BASEGOLD.
The colours in the catalogue are obtained by the addition of toner to the bases SILVER and GOLD , in variable quantities depending on the intensity of colours sought.
Add the toner directly in the packaging of SETTEVELI BASE and stir with a spatula until completely blended.
The colours of the “D” series are obtained by adding ¼ toner to SETTEVELI BASE SILVER or GOLD.
The colours of the “B” series are obtained by adding 1 toner to SETTEVELI BASE SILVER or GOLD.

Yield: 8 ÷ 10 sqmt/l.  ( 2.500 ml ~ 20 sqmt )

Tools cleaning:
H2O ~ 30 °C


SETTEVELi is applied on supporting surfaces, clean and dry (allow at least 3-4 weeks before applying on new plaster and any matured patching). Prepare with the water based primer ISOFARB ACR-2, which is essential on particularly absorbent surfaces, painted in tempera, smoothing plaster or plasterboard.

1        Spread with a roller one or two coats or FONDO VEICOT.
2-3    When the surface is dry dip the spalter in the package SETTEVELI and apply to the wall with criss-cross strokes, avoiding net squaring effects.
4        After the product has begun to dry (3 to 10 minutes), proceed with the finishing effect, going over the surface with a dry brush to remove scratches and uneven colour.