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This extensive circular letter on personal data processing describes how the website: uses only technical and analytical cookies and does not collect personal data processing of identified or identifiable users who enter the site. The circular contains all the elements provided by Art. 13 of the EU Regulation 2016/679 and is laid out in compliance with the General Provision of the Supervisory Authority dated 8.5.2014.

Data Controller

The data controller is G. Farbex S.A.S. di Gasparini Gian Luigi & C. - Via Besenzone 7, 29016 Cortemaggiore (PC) - ITALY e Vat number: IT00917530339, which avails of its own processing managers or those of external processing companies.
Further information about the data processing performed through the website are available consulting the Privacy Policy.

What are cookies and their purposes

Cookies are small text files which the sites visited by the user send directly to the user’s computer, where they are memorized to be then retransmitted to the sites themselves on the same user’s next visit (so-called first-party cookies). When surfing a site, the user may receive on his computer also cookies of sites or of different web servers (so-called third-party cookies); this occurs because the web site visited may contain elements like images, maps, and sounds, specific links to web pages of other domains that reside on different services other than those on which the page requested is found. In other words, these are cookies that are set on a web site other than the one actually visited.
The duration of the cookies may be limited to a single surfing session on the browser (so-called session cookies), and in this case automatically deactivate when the visitor closes the browser; or they may also have a pre-set expiry, and in this case, will remain memorized and active in the user’s hard disk up to the given expiry date, continuing to gather information during the various surfing sessions on the browser (so-called permanent cookies).
The cookies are used for different functions. Some are necessary to allow you to surf on the Site and use its features (so-called technical cookies). Others are used to obtain statistical information, whether or not in aggregate form, on the users that access the Site and on how the Site is used (so-called monitoring or analytical cookies). Lastly, they are used to track a consumer profile of the user and allow him/her to view advertisements on the Site, which may be interesting and in line with the user’s taste and consumption habits (so-called profiling cookies).
To learn more in detail about these different categories of cookies, please continue reading this circular. Discover how they work and their purposes, and freely choose whether to consent or block their usage.


These are cookies installed directly by the site visited. The technical cookies serve to carry out the surfing or to furnish a service requested by the user. They are not used for further aims and are usually installed directly by the web site controller. Without turning to such cookies, some operations could not be done or would be more complex and/or less safe, like for example the activities for which the cookies, which allow to carry out and maintain the user identification in the session, are indispensable.
Analytical cookies are necessary to gather user information and statistics and help to assess the surfing experience. Without using these cookies, the site owner cannot gather information and feedback regarding the surfing, which would be useful in improving future experiences.


Name: Consent
Original domain: third-party - Google
Function: verifies the user's agreement about Google services.
Expiring time: 6935 days
Privacy policy 

Name: cookieconsent
Original domain: first-party
Function: The cookie collects info on the user's agreement about cookie's usage politics of the website and prevents the display of cookie banner during next browsing sessions.
Expiring time: 365 days
Privacy policy 

N.B.: The expiring time of cookies which expire in less than a day it’s indicated as “End of browsing session”


I cookie di analisi o analitici sono necessari per raccogliere informazioni e statistiche relative alla navigazione ed alle interazioni degli utenti con il sito web con lo scopo di valutare, migliorare, ottimizzare e personalizzare l’esperienza di navigazione. Senza il ricorso a tali cookie, il proprietario del sito non potrà raccogliere informazioni e feedback riguardo alla navigazione utili a migliorare le esperienze future. Tali cookie non hanno viceversa la funzione di profilare gli utenti con lo scopo di effettuare campagne pubblicitarie o azioni di marketing mirate. Di seguito si riportano i cookie di analisi inoltrati, indicando provenienza, scadenza e funzione dello strumento, oltreché l’eventuale link alla privacy policy relativa al soggetto fornitore della funzionalità – script (c.d. Editore).


Denominazione: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE
Provenienza: Terza Parte -
Funzione: Stima la velocità della connessione dell’utente su pagine con video YouTube integrati.
Scadenza:  180 giorni
Privacy policy:

Denominazione: YSC
Provenienza: Terza Parte -
Funzione: Registra un ID univoco per statistiche legate a quali video YouTube sono stati visualizzati dall’utente.
Scadenza:  Chiusura della sessione
Privacy policy:

N.B.: The expiring time of cookies which expire in less than a day it’s indicated as “End of browsing session”


Profiling cookies have the purpose of keeping track of user behavior while browsing, with the aim of creating a user profile according to certain parameters and inserting it into certain homogeneous categories to consequently customize advertisements or results of search engine. 



Trackers are useful tools and technologies to deliver engaging and interlinked experiences, composed of snippets that send information about site users to other companies.
The tracker can use the information you submit for a variety of purposes, like sending personalized advertising material, analyze user behavior or provide services within the site, such as access to social networks or areas comments, and other features. In most cases, the information collected is anonymized information or pseudonymized; Sometimes the personal data do not undergo such treatment, which means they can directly identify a specific user.
The use of this technology could slow down the browsing experience, and, above all, make it less certain the confidentiality of user personal data.



Social buttons are particular "buttons", displayed on the Web site depicting the icons of social networks (example, Facebook and Twitter) and allow users browsing to interact with a click directly with social platforms.
The social buttons displayed on the site are links to the holder's account on social networks depicted.
The website doesn’t use any social buttons.
Widgets are spaces where, through a graphic interface, the user can interact with an application, a software or another web site. The use of these interfaces is subject to the terms and conditions of use of the service provider, also on personal data. Here is the list of widgets available on the site: 
Google Maps, Youtube

This circular was updated on 27/03/2022.