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The Quality

Since its  beginning  the quality of Farbex products has been ensured by continuous research and development, by  respecting  the environment and by the creation and use of non-toxic formulas.

This research enables Farbex to position itself  at the  forefront of its industry as is seen by the equipment and facilities used, as well as by their analysis and subsequent selection of raw materials with high technological content.

Emphasis will be given to areas of research, production, technical support, environment and safety in the workplace.
To achieve the high production standards recognized by the market, G.FARBEX gives great and detailed attention to the following issues:

  • corporate evolution
  • technological development
  • environmental legislation

The high production standards are guaranteed by the use of high quality raw materials subject  to strict tests in its  internal laboratories.

Our Quality is Environmentally Friendly

Farbex ensure full compliance with the policy of environmental protection, according to the guidelines expressed by the Kyoto Protocol.

Our business objectives are:

  • to implementsystems for the improvement of air quality;
  • less waste production;
  • improvement and reduction of waste water;
  • improvement of the working environment;
  • replacement of harmful raw materials with less hazardous ones;
  • reduction of internal and external noise.

FARBEX has also formulated products with the latest technology to meet the need for reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere (CO2),
and to improve environmental conditions in the workplace.
Protection of the environment, respect for nature, safety and health of the users, together with a marked sensitivity linked to the typical Italian art tradition, have always been the cornerstones upon which the ethics and responsibility of Farbex are built.

A vision and desire for continuous improvement has fuelled company growth and is reflected in the development of new products, of integrated systems and product solutions that are environmentally sustainable, linked to the modern requirements of green  building and reaching high quality standards thanks to important features, such as: breathability, absence of harmful emissions and biodegradability.