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The History

Farbex is an Italian company working in the paints field for  more than 30 years, researching, testing and producing in its own factory in Cortemaggiore (PC), product line exclusively for  the following sectors:

DecoLine (decorative paints for interiors),

BuildingLine (professional systems for the buildings industry)

IndustrialLine (professional systems for industry)

WoodLine (professional systems for wood). 

Innovation and creativity are the two key words that define the guiding principles of the company policy, whose mission is: “ to remain ahead of the competition by investing in research and development and by becoming  a partner and a reliable reference point for all their customers.”

Emotion, Vision, Inspiration  and Excitement

The history of FARBEX in the field of interior decoration portrays and reflects the Italian style.

Always looking at changes in trends and styles in interior design, it develops innovative products suited to changing surroundings  and modern decorative ideas  to appeal to all customers.

FARBEX  is nonetheless still able to reflect the traditional and the classical Italian styles it seeks to emulate

…whilst it looks to create new products
for a future still to be invented.