A complete line of products that, in the field of interior decoration, properly speaks about  the Italian taste, sensitive to trend and style changes of interior design, which creates products adapted to environments and modern decor...

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decoline.pitture decorative per interni


Professional solutions both for the painting (inside and outside) of the building and for the solving of specific problems related to achieving and maintaining good working condition, health and safety of constructions  and their facilities.

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Full range of products and systems of high quality for professional and industrial applications, for the treatment and protection of artifacts and metal structures, which give high aesthetic value and performance of strength and durability.

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Products for the treatment, the protection and decoration of wood: water  and solvent-based impregnating products, varnishes  and protective systems  for furniture and floors.

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A mini enamel, for a top result.
Re.Touch is a special enamel urethane modified.
Available in 14 colors, Re.Touch is 125 ml. of pure creativity for retouching, DIY and small jobs, for interior and exterior.

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